Jung Yong Hwa Is Back To Acting

This was confirmed a few days before, CNBLUE's leader Jung Yong Hwa is once again acting in a drama alongside Park Shin Hye and Lee Min Ho

So, being Yong Hwa biased, I am thrilled and uber excited for this drama to start airing! Another reason to spazz about this wonderful wonderful lad.


More exposure for uri Yoooooong~

CNBLUE Blue Moon Tour in Manila

Ticket Prices:

All Areas are RESERVED Seating. (It means, there are seat numbers, no need to tulak tulak :) and trip to Jerusalem :)

Patron VIP = 7,500
Patron = 6,500
Lower Box = 5,500
Upper A Premium (1st 5 rows) = 4,500
Upper A Regular = 3,500
Upper B = 1,500

* Ticketnet Charges Apply

TICKETS will START SELLING on April 28, 2013 - 10am via Ticketnet Outlets Nationwide!


Ticketnet Box Office
Green Gate
Red Gate

SM Makati
SM Mall of Asia
SM Manila
SM Marikina
SM Megamall
SM San Lazaro
SM Southmall
SM Sta Mesa

For updates, check this page.


Blue Moon in Manila Ticket Prices Update

WEEEEEE! Ticket prices are officially out as tweeted by Ms. Happee. Although more details will be released next week pa, this is more than enough to drive Pinoy Boices uber hyper once again!

I'm happy the tickets weren't that expensive as compared with other KPop groups who held concerts here before. Now all I need is the seat plan and I'm one very contented and uber excited Boice.

I'm wishing a SOLD OUT concert!
Let's make this happen fellow PH Boices! 

Let's support CNBLUE and make sure to attend this once in a "blue moon" opportunity to see the boys live.


or football, as it is fondly called here in my country, is apparently, really entertaining to watch. Even for me who's not into sports at all. *O*

My Little Slice of Paradise

I'm never really the beach-loving kind of person. BEFORE. But now, I fell in love with this place after not being able to visit for 3 years. I hope to someday retire on a place similar to this. With the sand, the beach, the coconut trees, the calm landscape.

Back From A Loooong Semi-Hiatus

What did I miss?

Apparently, I've been living like a dying person these past few weeks. I'm like max-ing out my hours in a day doing everything I can. So there's my reason why I rarely update this blog.

So, I am once again getting bored with work - my 2nd work to be specific. Now I am taking vacations like crazy! Going from place to place. And even choosing taking out my cousin to his soccer game rather than actually going to work.

Yes. I can most definitely feel it. I'm about to resign from this company once again. But of course, I'll do it the right way. I'm proud to say that right now, I have no pending work to finish though. But still, my boss probably is getting a bit cranky and anxious 'cause of my growing number of absences.

I know. This is WRONG.

So I will try and get back on track but still I'll be checking out other opportunities just because.

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