What Them Girls Have

That I, or any of my other colleagues don't?

Why do they get all the perks? And it's not even like they've earned it. Ugh!

Stop. Overthinking. You're. Going. To. Ruin. Yourself.


It feels disappointing, honestly, when you're under-appreciated. But it's worse when you're under-appreciated while others are way too over-appreciated (if there is such a word!)

I must take my mind off these unnecessary thoughts. It's crazy.

What's Keeping Me Busy?

I'm opening up my online shop on Instagram!


I've been planning of putting up my own business ever since my younger sister started hers a few months ago. Why? Because I love going online! And what more? I get to earn extra for myself! And that's making me so excited!

But honestly, I wasn't expecting it to be this hectic. I mean, like you have to give it a lot of your time and effort. But I'm not complaining. It's good. The feel of being busy, being productive, is a good one. It's like finally I'm going somewhere.

And I needed this. This motivation. Distraction. Whatever you call it. 

I may be working everyday from 9 to 6 but office job tends to be dull really. Plus I don't get any satisfaction from it which is probably because I'm doubting my career choice. I'm thinking of pursuing something else. Which, in my case, is too selfish and impractical.

But anyway, atleast I've found something else to put my mind on aside from my regular job.

I'm anticipating my online shop's opening! I'm so excited! Hope everything turns out well.


I've been told many times by my family that I'm way too sensitive. Emotional. Maybe they're right. Maybe I am. Maybe I take things too personally. Maybe I let things affect me more than they should have. I am weak that way.

I feel like such a failure. Each time. Every time. Like, I can't do anything right at all. What else can I do? Why am I always such a disappointment?

I am writing this post during work. Right after a confrontation with my boss. I feel stupid. And wrong. And at the same time I feel like I don't deserve this. This treatment. This boss. This system. I know. It's wrong to feel such way. Who am I to say what I do and what I don't deserve in life?

Ugh. Just that. So many things are happening I feel like I'm being left unaware. Whatever.
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