Blue Moon in Manila

How do I even begin this fan account? Yesterday was craaaazy! I went home really tired but it was all worth it. Finally seeing the boys perform live in front of me is truly a dream come true.

The concert was scheduled to start at 8:00PM while gates open at 6:00PM. I decided to go to Araneta Coliseum earlier just to be sure and not worry about being stuck in traffic. So I arrived around 3:00PM. 

I lined up at around 4:00PM and yes they did open the gates at exactly 6:00 so I stood and waited in line for approximately 2 hours. Actually, that's nothing compared to how long I stood yesterday - 6 freaking hours!

So yes, when I entered the venue, we were still not allowed to enter the main coliseum. It seems like they're either fixing something or the boys are still on stage checking on something. Anyway, as I was waiting patiently outside the curtains, there was this one girl - I'd say she's probably a late high school or early college student - who suddenly went ballistic when she noticed her iPod / iPad was missing. Poor girl!

Moving on, finally we were allowed to enter and WOW! Just WOW! The first thing I noticed was that the stage was soooo near! I mean, really! It was an in-your-face kind of near. And I thought I chose a bad seat. I was wrong! It wasn't the best seat but it wasn't so bad either! I was still on the 4th row! (sorry 'bout the quality of the pictures, I just borrowed my friend's digicam since I was told dslr's are not allowed inside the venue, didn't have enough time to learn how to use it properly. T.T)

At first, I was like, even without the General Admission area, the venue still looks pretty big for CNBLUE to fill up. I was silently praying in my seat that more people would come and so CNBLUE wouldn't feel so bad.  And I guess my prayers were answered. I wasn't expecting such a huge crowd was going to watch their concert! I feel like a proud momma! Kkkkkkkk~

Anyway, the concert started almost 8:30PM - so much for Filipino time. They did the intro. And OH MY GOSH! When the lights were turned off, everyone started screaming! I didn't scream though 'coz my scream sounded like that of a boy's. Ugh! Sucks to be me. Okay, moving on! So they started showing the intro video and then after you can see the boys' silhouette coming up from under the stage. I wonder how they did that. So yeah, as expected, more screaming erupted from the crowd! This is freakin' CNBLUE, guys! Finally, they are HERE! In Manila! Performing! OH. MY. GOSH! WHAT IS AIR??? KYAAAAAAAAAAA~

So their first song was Where You Are and since the entire song is in English, I was able to sing along to it. YONG HWA!!!! How do I even begin to describe how I felt that time?! The moment Yong Hwa came on stage and started singing I felt like I had been hit by a big yellow school bus! HOW AWESOME CAN YONG HWA GET? I mean, seriously! He is PERFECTION personified! Ugh! I can't believe such a handsome creature exists on this planet! YONG HWA, MARRY ME JUSEYOOOOOO~!!!

But seriously though, Yong Hwa is every bit the performer. He's clearly good at hyping up the crowd and keeping the energy high! His vocal control is undeniable as well. It really is different having to hear him belt out those high notes live. Whoever said Yong Hwa isn't a singer has got to be really DEAF or just plain insecure! And his HAIR! OH MY GOSH! I want to run my hands through his soft, bouncy hair. Kkkkkkk. His hair look so soft every time he does his hair flipping moves. Ugh! I think I just heard my ovaries exploded! /UGLY SOBBING/

My spot was nearer Jong Hyun and I have to admit there are times when I get so distracted by his BLINDING, GLOWING, MUSCULAR ARMS! Jong Hyun wearing sleeveless shirts should be declared ILLEGAL because they can be very distracting, seriously! Kkkkkkkk~ OMG! I feel like a dying cheetah spazzing like crazy in my room right now. Every time I remember this day! Ugh! What have you done to me boys?! Give me back my sanity juseyooooooo~!!

Okay! Focus. Now I won't be enumerating all the songs they sung simply because I can't remember them all. But let me just say how every song is PERFECT! Seriously! YONG HWA, I LOVE YOU? DID I TELL YOU HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU YET? I LOVE YOU, OKAY? YES, I LOVE YOU, YONG HWA!!!

I was about to list down my favorite songs that they performed that night but while I was typing, I realized I actually love ALL of them!

I especially love the part where Min Hyuk, Jung Shin, and Jong Hyun, each had read out a sentence in Filipino about Yong Hwa's birthday and Yong has no clue why he has no note to read! Kkkkkkkk~ I love his childish smile when everyone started singing Happy Birthday to him. His smile. Aaaahhh. Such priceless, childish smile. It's like he's trying not to show it but he likes it very much. Kkkkkk~ Aigoo! This kid!

Funny thing that happened during the concert, Yong Hwa accidentally said "I love you Singapore." And then he was like: "......" And he can't stop smiling. Kkkkkkk~ Every time he smiles, I just feel like pinching his cute little chubby cheeks. Aish! This kid is driving me insane! Then he corrected himself and said "Filifin. Mistake" Aigoooo! So cute YongYongie!! Such a cute mistake! And then he kept repeating after "I love Filifin" and then Jung Shin also tried saving him by shouting "I love Manila!" Kkkkkk~ These kids, tho! I can't believe how adorkable you guys are! LOL. And I have to point out how Yong Hwa was making eye contact with the other boys as if asking for help because of his cuteee mistake! Kkkkkk~

They performed continuously and then after their song I'm Sorry, the curtains went down. The crowd started chanting for more and then the boys were back for the encore, now they're wearing the Blue Moon official shirt. I wanted to buy one of those but... Ugh! Issues!

Anyway, the concert ended with the song Try Again, Smile Again. I love how Yong Hwa sung the song with such heartfelt emotion. I believe he definitely is trying again and smiling again after what he has recently been through. I admire Yong Hwa for being a strong person. Whatever he has achieve now, I strongly believe that he deserves all of it.

Now, Blue Moon Manila has officially ended. The boys are back to Korea and are probably preparing for their next concert which is in Beijing. I hope I get to see them again soon.

Three years ago, I have hoped and prayed to one day see CNBLUE perform live in front of me.

Three years ago, I was introduced to a charismatic leader and rookie actor, Jung Yong Hwa. 

Three years ago, I started loving the person that is Jung Yong Hwa.

And now, three years later, I was able to finally see them and watch them perform with my own two eyes - no more fancams. I can't tell you how grateful I am right now. How blessed I feel.. How much I will cherish this experience.. I can't tell you how much this has made my life so much happier...

I made a promise to myself and to my mother to stop fangirl-ing after this concert. I will try to hold on to that promise. But this one thing is for sure, if I will be given the chance to see CNBLUE perform once again, I will grab that opportunity. I will forever be a Boice. I will continue supporting and loving these four boys with all my heart. My heart will forever beat CNBLUE.


  1. Really touching. Thanks to share it !

  2. I was also at the concert!! They were superb! I'm not a big fan of CNBLUE before the concert (I just started to like them after I watched WGM) but after seeing them live, I think I would become a hard-core BOICE from now on. xD

    Aww, why did you want to stop fan-girling after the concert? Sad. :(

    1. Nice to hear you enjoyed the concert! Watching the boys perform live really is so much more amazing. :)

      And I made a promise that's why I'm stopping.

  3. i know yong hwa because of running man :)


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