Blue Moon in Manila Press Conference

OH WOW! What a day!!

I can't believe I finally saw CNBLUE with my own two eyes! They were in front of me! And they look so PERFECT! Jung Yong Hwa seriously I LOVE YOU~!! MARRY ME JUSEYOOOO!!!!

I arrived at SM Megamall around 9:50AM and waited until the mall opens at 10:00AM. I was surprised to see that many people already waiting by the entrance. I wasn't really expecting a large crowd of early birds. 

When the mall doors open, the people just literally went crazy! They were struggling to enter the area as fast as they could and many were already pushing their way in. Luckily, I was able to get inside fast as well. When I went past security, everyone was running. It was a mad dash to the lower floor where the stage was located. 

I was thinking: "should I run as well or act more prim and proper and just walk calmly to my destination?" And guess what  I chose? YUP! THE FIRST ONE! I ran like I'm being chased by a cheetah!! Unfortunately, it wasn't enough. When I got to the stage area, the line to the entrance was already sooo long. Where did all those people came from?? 

And so I got a pretty far spot. And MY GOSH! The people around me kept pushing and it hasn't even started yet. Ugh! Why act so uncivilized people?? 

Anyway, I was already on my spot at around 10:15AM and we were just standing. No chairs aside from those for the press people. I stood there until around almost 4:00PM - the time when the boys arrived. No lunch break. No toilet break. Yup. I am a fangirl. And yes, I am alone so I can't leave my spot.

So, while waiting for CNBLUE to arrive, they started playing games. Then suddenly people from the second floor started screaming and pointing at something and we thought it was the boys already arriving but no it was just some overly excited fans.

But a few minutes later they're on it again, screaming and pointing at something. And lo and behold, this time it was actually CNBLUE arriving. Imagine the chaos that erupted when they emerged from the sides and walked towards the backstage to prep up. When I glanced upon Jung Yong Hwa, who was the first one to walk in, I felt my soul left my body. I think I stopped breathing for a second. WOW!

This time the crowd became so chaotic and hard to control. Everyone was screaming and shouting and people were pushing. Everyone was basically just trying to get in front.

When the four boys went up the stage, WOAH! I think they went deaf back there. The screaming went to a different level of highness and sadly the pushing as well.

Anyway, I can't believe I finally saw Jung Yong Hwa and the rest of CNBLUE. When they walked in from the sides, I wasn't able to contain myself anymore and I started screaming and spazzing and shaking and almost crying. 



After 3 years of loving and supporting CNBLUE, most especially Yong Hwa, I am finally given the chance to see them in person. Thank you, God~!!!

Yong Hwa is just PURE PERFECTION!! His face and his aura. PERFECTION, I tell you. His skin is soo smooth and white and just A-MAZING! His smile. Ugh! That smile will never fail to mesmerize me. I have never seen such a handsome guy. I felt like crying really. I just stopped myself because that would be  an embarrassing sight. JUNG YONG HWA, WHAT DO YOU THING YOU'RE DOING TO ME?? STOP BEING SO DAMN PERFECT!! IT'S BREAKING MY HEART!! (sorry 'bout the derp pic that I chose! kkkkkk.

They prepared a cake for Yong Hwa's birthday and everyone sang for him. He looks really pleased, right? Aish! This kid tho! Aigoo! We all know you're handsome, all right!

I wasn't able to watch much of their interview, because as I said before, everyone around me were pushing and I was starting to feel so weak and uncomfortable. I can't even see from my spot anymore because most people in front of me were freaking huge! So I made my way out of the crowd for some air and I swear my legs were about to give way. They were trembling, seriously. 

Then I moved to where they were supposed to walk through on their way out. Actually there were two ways and the guards placed a rope on one side and were telling the people to hold on to it and not block the way for the boys. So I stayed on that side hoping to catch a closer look at them on their way out.
But, guess what? It was a decoy! Pfft! They went through the other side. But I wasn't giving up so I ran quickly to the other side and YES, I was able to catch a closer look at Yong Hwa and his amazing side profile. I was stunned for a second before I notice the other 3 boys also making their way out.

They went through a VIP door, I guess. So that's the last I saw of them that day. But, boy was I so thankful for being given the chance to be there. Even with all the sacrifices - standing for 6 hours, no food and drinks for 6 hours, no toilet break for 6 hours - just that glimpse of them, of Jung Yong Hwa, I felt like all my worries and tiredness left me. I felt like this is it. This is right. Seeing them is right. Going here and enduring everything is right. I made the right choice. 

I felt so happy to feel the love and warmth Filipino boices are giving CNBLUE. I wasn't expecting a large crowd. Much more this HUGE crowd. I'm happy that finally, CNBLUE was able to see their fans in PH. Finally, they can feel the love we are and will forever be giving them.

I'm all the more excited for tomorrow. Concert day. D-day!

I'm expecting an amazing show from CNBLUE and I'm sure they won't disappoint. This will be my first and last K-Pop concert. After this, I have decided to stop fangirl-ing over CNBLUE and K-Pop in general.

Tomorrow is the day!

Good luck to CNBLUE and for everyone PH boice that's going, LET'S ALL ENJOY!


(pictures cr. to owner)

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